Solar Energy In Africa: For A Better Comfort Of Life

Solar Energy In Africa For A Better Comfort Of Life

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Several areas of Africa do not yet have access to electricity. This may be due to several causes, including the precariousness of the infrastructure or the inability of the services concerned to serve certain parts because of the difficulty presented by the relief, for example. Thus, to have light at home or use the Internet, many households must look for other solutions. Among them, we distinguish the use of the solar plate. This mechanism offers several advantages. It will also save you a lot of money. Today, several models exist on the market. One of the most recent happens to be the SOLARBOX.

The solar kit created by ONIRIQ

To begin, we will first define what ONIRIQ is. It is an eco-responsible startup that works in the development of solar kits. However, these are mainly intended for African families in rural areas where access to electricity is still reduced. The project was initiated by Rodolphe Rosier. An energy and innovation engineer, he realized the precariousness in which Senegalese families lived during his trip to the country in 2016. That’s where he came up with the idea of making them a powerful device capable of powering all their appliances and offering them lighting. This is how the ONIRIQsolar kitwas born.

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The main objective of this initiative was to increase the comfort of African households with limited means. In this way, they would have easier access to information or various entertainment via Wi-Fi included in the lot. Communication would also be easier.

SOLARBOX: what is it?

The name that ONIRIQ has given to its solar kit is SOLARBOX. It is a project that is both ecological sustainable and practical on the daily life of rural Africans. Indeed, this product aims to stop the use of kerosene lamps harmful to the environment. It must be said that the majority of homes in this area still use this alternative as lighting.

In addition, SOLARBOX consists of AGM lead-acid batteries. These are fully recyclable. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they have a lesser longevity. These can last up to 20 years. Enough to protect yourself over several years.

Since 2018, a subsidiary has been set up in Dakar, Senegal to be more close to consumers. The assembly workshop should soon be set up in the same place during this year 2022.

Always with a view to getting closer to users, ONIRIQ has created a partnership with FabLab in Dakar. This is in order to provide rural areas more quickly by using local products for manufacturing.

The different components of the solar kit

All these initiatives are very exciting, however, it is still necessary to know how the product in question works. To do this, we reveal here what the SOLARBOX consists of. In the first place, it is a case. The latter contains removable and recyclable batteries. Apart from these, the kit also includes a 50W solar panel with all its mounting systems. This of course in order to further facilitate the installation of the equipment.

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In addition, a 19-inch flat-screen TV also comes with the lot. This is in order to directly access entertainment and information of all kinds broadcast by television channels.

The set is also supplied with three LED lamps ready for use. These offer a high brightness of 200 Lumens. And as for their longevity, it is spread over 20,000 hours.

To enjoy the Internet, a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot is also available. The boxing presented incorporates the latest innovations in terms of technology. Also, it has 4 USB ports and 4 12 V DC sockets.

The advantages of the solar kit

It goes without saying that this article has several advantages, especially for needy families who wish to access a better comfort of life. Already for a single sum you are entitled to 5 products in all in the same lot. In addition, there is the solar panel, Internet boxing, 19-inch HD TV, AGM lead batteries and 3 LED lamps to ensure sustainable and economical lighting.

On the consumption side, if the plate is well powered, you can be entitled to 12 hours of light, 3 phone charges and 4 hours of television. Children will then be able to revise their lessons in the evening under a light that will not damage their eyes. Adults will be at the influx of information and can be reached at any time of the day. Africa’s rural areas will thus enter the age of technology, without spending astronomical sums.

The limited edition of the SOLARBOX

With the collaboration of MYRIAM MAXO, French designer, a limited edition of the SOLARBOX is also now available. This in order to offer a more pleasant design to the kit in question. The availability of the latter is, however, as their name suggests, restricted.

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These particular models feature bright colors that will contribute to the visual comfort of their holder. These items will be able to bring an authentic touch to the interior decoration of it. Enough to add one more point to the advantages of the SOLARBOX. Of course, you will have to run a race to get them.

The price of the SOLARBOX

The main objective of ONIRIQ is to help rural African families, so the cost of its solar kit is very affordable. Indeed, this rate is only 350 euros in total. That makes many people happy. In addition, other products such as the COROSOL solar house by Myriam Maxo are sold at a very competitive price of only 20 euros. As for the limited edition, it amounts to a modest sum of 550 euros.

Regarding the delivery, it can take up to 5 months depending on the cases and situations of each individual. At the moment, the countries concerned are not numerous. They are also Senegal, DRC, Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Mali and Côte d’Ivoire.

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