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The Best Inflatable Spas Of 2023

The Best Inflatable Spas Of 2023

Everyone seeks to have the maximum comfort at home. With an inflatable spa, you get well-being in addition. The choice of this product is not easy, since it is available in many models. It is therefore necessary to have a precise criterion, ask the opinions of other consumers and make a comparison to have what you really want. In this article, you will find useful information to better select. Here are also two products that you may like. The Intex L&G FR 28406EX Pureis offered with all the necessary accessories to ensure optimal comfort. It offers a rapid temperature rise. The Intex PureSpa Baltik with a capacity of 1000 l can accommodate up to 6 people. And to relax with family or friends, N Netspa Octopusis also perfect. 4 to 6 people can enter. In addition, this model has a sleek and very elegant design, perfect for your garden.

Buying Guide

It is not easy to determine which is the best inflatable spa on the market. In order to find a good product, it is recommended to go to a price comparator. There is advice that allows you to make a choice with discernment. To have a cheap model, it is then necessary to base yourself on these few criteria.

To find out how to buy an inflatable spa with a better price-quality ratio, think first and foremost about comfort. This necessarily includes the size of the product. The latter also depends on the number of individuals who can enjoy moments of well-being with you. Indeed, it is necessary to opt for an article that will allow you to feel at ease, without being bothered by other people using the jacuzzi.

For large families or for those who often receive guests, it is recommended to get the most efficient, an item of 8 to 10 seats. This model is also suitable for professional use, in a wellness center for example.

You can also find an inflatable spa 6 places dedicated to 4 adults and 2 children. It is also possible to purchase a product for four individuals, including 3 large and two toddlers. These products are ideal for people who live in shared accommodation and for holiday homes.

Singles and couples can afford the cheapest. Romantic evenings are therefore honored with this specimen. But it is also recommended for those who wish to spend a relaxing time without being disturbed by a third party.

Before you rush headlong into an attractive model, make sure you have the necessary space at home. For a 4 to 6 seater product, you will need a space of 5 m² and some, more for references for 8 to 10 people. For safety reasons, we will also look at the weight of the filled device. The surface on which it is laid is actually supposed to support the huge mass of water without collapsing over time. Concrete and tiled slabs are ideal for this type of installation. In the case of a wooden platform, pay special attention to this detail.

Type, shape and accessories

An inflatable jacuzzi spa can use two different technologies. We can then find a specimen working with air bubbles only. They are equipped with a blower that introduces air into a flexible tube with perforations and placed on the wall of the spa. This will provide bubbles of warm air. Thanks to this process, you will get a whirlpool bath that will guarantee a relaxing effect. You will feel at ease as soon as you enter the spa. You can then use it to relax your body after a hard day’s work. It helps to soothe stress and mentally release the one who uses it.

The second category offers both hot air bubbles and water jets. The latter massage the body by pressure on a few specific areas of the body. This type is especially suitable after sport and significant physical exertion. Water rashes allow the muscles to be relaxed gently and thus evacuate the fatigue accumulated during the day.

The shape of the spa does not affect the benefits it brings, however, a cheap inflatable spa can add a touch of elegance to an interior or exterior decoration. We can therefore buy round models, which are the most appreciated of the moment, square, oval or octagonal items. The choice depends only on the desires of the buyer. The type is then an essential point to know how to choose the best inflatable hot tubs of 2022.

As for the accessories, they offer a high level of comfort of use. If the model is high enough, stairs can be included in the lot to easily go inside. Some have a headrest, which increases the rate of relaxation. The latter is even ideal for taking a nap, without the risk of drowning. Other specimens also offer high-tech devices (a tablet and speakers for example) to allow users to surf, play games or send music. Obviously, the choice of these accessories depends solely on the desires and budget of each. A cheap inflatable spa offers few extra elements and can even be very basic.

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Heating capacity, service life and price

In a buying guide for the best inflatable hot tubs, heating capacity is an important criterion to consider. Indeed, energy consumption depends on this characteristic, which is why this criterion must be taken into account. Classic or inflatable, a spa can have two types of heating.

The first is electrical. It is quite energy-intensive, because it must be powered by current several hours before use, but also during all the time you spend in the jacuzzi to prevent the water from cooling. But you can also opt for a heat exchanger item. In this case, the specimen must be connected to a boiler or heat pump. To know which inflatable spa to choose, base yourself mainly on your equipment.

It goes without saying that inflatable products are not made to last for decades. Some last just a few months after too much use. This is no reason to neglect this side. The strongest are kept for up to one year. Pay attention to the materials used in the design of the spa. They can give you insight into the time you will spend together.

The question of resistance over time is all the more important since the price of this type of device is never given. Indeed, the price of classic models with 4 to 6 seats is around 300 to 500 euros. If you want to take advantage of the hydrojet massage function in addition, it will cost in the 1000 euros, or even more for the largest and best equipped. Items sold with stairs or mini trays are only accessible from about 1700 euros. So make a well-thought-out purchase so you don’t throw money out the window.

Inflatable spa installation: tips to achieve them quickly

Knowing how to buy this type of item is essential, as everyone wants to have a quality product. It is then necessary to determine where to buy the best inflatable spa. But you also have to learn how to use it correctly based on reviews about an inflatable spa, to fully enjoy it. This obviously starts with the installation and ends with the maintenance. Good handling is required to ensure the comfort of the owner.

How to install the inflatable spa?

To mount your inflatable hot tub, start by spreading the floor mat on a flat surface. Then place the spa on it. Then install the electrical box in its slot. Afterwards, connect the inflation valve to the air inlet. Inflate the jacuzzi. Close the drain valve and fill the spa. And finally, put the filter.

How to inflate the inflatable spa?

Set up the inflator hose. Connect it to the valve of the blower device. Take care to make sure that the pressure gauge is properly installed. This will allow you to determine when to stop inflation. Press “bubble”, the button that activates the inflation. Do not forget to check the pressure gauge, to avoid high pressure that may burst the spa.

How to heat the inflatable spa?

For an inflatable spa, the water follows a circuit passing through an electric type heater generally in order to obtain an optimal temperature, that is to say neither too high nor not hot enough. The heating time must therefore be taken into account. The temperature rise should be 1.5°C to 2.5°C per hour. It is then necessary to wait 7 to 10 hours to have 35 ° C. Taking your time is necessary in this kind of process to avoid damaging the engine.

How to fold the Intex inflatable spa?

Leaving a cheap inflatable spa unused for a while is not recommended. This results in unnecessary energy consumption and can damage the product. At some point, you will be forced to put it away. It is therefore necessary to know how to fold it to ensure as little space as possible. To do this, start by emptying, drying and deflating the spa. Then fold the walls inward. Fold the item in half, then in four. Be careful not to have sharp angles, as deterioration is rapid in these places. Place it in the original packaging for optimal protection.

How to maintain an inflatable spa?

There’s nothing like taking your time and enjoying a hot tub in your jacuzzi. As the device is inflatable, setting it up only takes us a few minutes. You can do it yourself, without the help of others or a professional. As for its maintenance, specific recommendations exist to keep the device clean and healthy. Compliance with its regulations remains important to avoid premature use of equipment, and to ensure good hygiene.

Maintenant his spa: what to focus on?

Balneotherapy at home: this is what pushes us to own our personal jacuzzi. But, since the device is inflatable, certain measurements are necessary to keep it intact for as long as possible. The bottom line is that you should focus on the quality of the water you use as well as the maintenance of the tool itself.

Bathing in a pure and clean solution remains essential. Thus, in the logic that we want to maintain the state of our spa as well as possible, it is necessary to regularly change the liquid contained in the device. For the sake of economy, we advise you to proceed as follows. You do not have to replace all the water in your jacuzzi. Every week, empty it to its quarter and recharge the rest with new solutions. Renew it only monthly. This frequency should depend on the number of times you enjoy your inflatable structure. If you use it repeatedly and intensely, then intervene more often.

In the same vein, there are two aspects that should not be forgotten to mention: the use of articles for water treatment and the maintenance of the filtration system of the device.

Which products to turn to?

The maintenance of the water contained in the inflatable spa necessarily involves the use of certain elements. The most effective ones make it possible to sanitize and sanitize the liquid while maintaining its quality. The balance of water is determined by its pH, alkalinity and hardness. During the procedure, focus on the details and invest in adequate dosages that correspond to the volume of the solution to be treated.

In this axis, you must differentiate between the product used to disinfect the water and the one that serves as prevention to limit the appearance of limescale, moss or algae. The market is full of offers as tempting as each other. Sort through them, and find what works best for you. Many, to facilitate the operations to be carried out, prefer to turn to mixed multi-purpose items.

Is it ideal to rely on chemicals?

The answer depends on the individual. These types of mixtures are often dual: to remove dirt and disinfect the pool, but also to prevent the appearance of limescale. Among them, you can choose bromine pellets. Very practical, they are more effective than chlorine. They do not irritate the skin or give off a strong odor and destroy bacteria or mosses that form in the water. The only downside with these tablets remains their price. They are expensive.

Another answer also exists: active oxygen. It is an oxidant that intervenes at the level of organic matter in the liquid. It is then suitable as an adjunct treatment that disinfects, but also as a preventive method against the development of algae. PHMB is an option for sanitizing and cleaning water. It is necessary for the ideal filtration of the solution contained in the basin. Its effectiveness is limited to fighting against bacteria and fungi and not against the appearance of mosses or bad odors.

Are there adequate natural products for the maintenance of the inflatable spa?

So far, the answers are limited to treatments based on ozone or UV rays. Both remain relatively unknown to the majority and are used by few people. The first is intended for individuals prone to countless allergies, especially those who cannot tolerate chlorine. As for UV methods, they show some shortcomings since it must be combined with additional products to ensure its effectiveness. In addition, the cost of installing this treatment is relatively expensive and is not given to all, knowing that this technology counts in the 2,000 euros.

What to do with the spa filtration system?

The verification and control of this element must be carried out on a regular basis. Every week you should not forget to take a look at the device and rinse it with clear water. As its role is to recover and act on dirt deposits, but also to clean the liquid, it is important to maintain it on a daily basis. This part clogs quickly, hence the need to rinse it. For the hygiene of the inflatable spa, it is useful to change the filter cartridge at least every quarter.

What habits have been adopted?

Once a month, you must remove the water from your basin. This being done, proceed to the washing of the device in general. Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Abrasive cleaners are prohibited since they will damage the coating of the jacuzzi. Then rinse the whole with clean water and make sure that no trace of detergent remains. Then, it becomes imperative to dry the equipment properly before camouflaging and storing it. If the spa retains some moisture, fungi and mold may form.

Covering your inflatable jacuzzi is an effective way to preserve all of this equipment. Often, manufacturers add protection to accompany the basic device. This accessory is useful for saving the item from the weather and debris from the outside.

In addition, to increase the life of the product, maintain good personal hygiene. Wash before entering the water. Beauty treatments such as creams, makeup can disturb the quality of the liquid.

The treatment products of an inflatable Intex spa

Owning this kind of equipment requires us to take drastic measures to preserve the quality of the structure as much as possible. As the device is designed with a more fragile coating than acrylic and polyester, it is important to find the right gestures so as not to damage it. For this, it is necessary to adopt the appropriate treatment products to an intex inflatable spa. A maintenance kit accompanies the device upon delivery, we then complete this composition with some additional items.

How to take care of your Intex jacuzzi?

For the sake of your material, you need to focus on two points. The first concerns the cleaning of the coating and the second turns to the treatment of water. Indeed, if you do not take care to keep clean or to crush the heart of your pelvis, the bath water will in turn be contaminated. Hence the importance of acting on both setbacks, not only to promote the life of the article, but also to ensure optimal hygiene for its content.

To prevent the water balance from being disturbed, it is essential to properly maintain the interior of the spa. To do this, you will need a specific cleaning kit dedicated to the equipment. Often, these tools come with the basic device. But if this is not the case, you need a curved brush to overcome the dirt embedded at the bottom of the basin. A scouring pad manages to remove the most stubborn dirt. A landing net is also required since it removes the debris of impurity that brandishes on the surface of the water of the tank.

What products are needed to disinfect the contents of the spa?

Once the concern of the coating of the jacuzzi settled, we move on to the maintenance of the water. In general, the appropriate kits to clean the latter consist of bromine tablets, active oxygen, a shock treatment without chlorine and a floating diffuser. In some cases, the designer adds pH minus (pH — ), anti-foaming, pH test strips, algaecide and flocculant to the batch.

In many cases, many people choose to purchase these products one by one. For those who lean more towards the set provided in a single bouquet, these cost from 35 – 45 euros. Obviously, this figure increases according to the number of components contained in the pack. Compared between the two alternatives, buying in bulk remains much more expensive than this second option.

Is it better to use chlorine for your spa?

When we talk about swimming pools, we cannot dissociate the subject of chlorine. For this kind of structure, this product is effective and eliminates all bacteria and dirt proliferating in the water. Thus, many non-connoisseurs are tempted to use him to treat the water of his inflatable jacuzzi.

As the two technologies differ on a few points, it should be noted that the way of maintaining them is not the same. The high temperature of the liquid contained in the basin neutralizes and makes the effect of chlorine less. Even if you use kilos and kilos, you will be disappointed with the result. This solution is not suitable for heated water and high pH. This product becomes inactive against a gasoline with a dominant pH. In addition, some people choose not to use it because of the strong smell that emanates from it.

And what about bromine?

An alternative to chlorine, this element is ideal for treating the contents of an inflatable Intex spa (here is our list of the best products). Unlike the first, this one is softer and does not exert a bothersome effect on the skin. It disinfects the liquid without having to change or disturb its balance. Odorless, it is suitable for regular and long-term use.

How then to use it? The answer is simple. As it comes in the form of pebble, it is up to you to find the right dose corresponding to the volume contained in the basin. To determine this quantity, base your calculation on this formula: 3 tablets of 20 g per 1 min 3 s of water. Once the account is done, it is now necessary to proceed to the operation. You can either: place them directly in the cartridge housing of the jacuzzi filtration system, or use a diffuser. The frequency of this procedure must be regular. Doing it every week seems best. In the meantime, if the need arises, do not hesitate to readjust the bromine level in the water to keep it clean. Be aware that this rating must be maintained between 3 to 5 mg / l.

Active oxygen as a natural treatment

Turning to this type of product allows you to preserve your skin, hair and swimsuits. Some people use it to supplement the effectiveness of bromine lozenges. All its properties converge to soften the water of the basin. Indeed, active oxygen is odorless, without metal and leaves no residue after its passage.

To use it, the granules must be poured into the solution contained in the spa. In contact with the liquid, they will dissolve quickly. Use this product regularly, especially before each swim. To be extra vigilant, test your water several times a week. Its oxygen level must not fall below 8 mg/L. For more efficiency, do not forget to put 2 cl of activator as a supplement. And to find the right dose, know that we usually use 10 to 20 g of granules to clean 1 min 3 s of water.

And why not salt treatment?

Practical and highly appreciated, this solution is automatic, does not cost much and does not require much work. We don’t have to do it every week. The water begins to act on the salt to change it into chlorine. The latter disinfects the liquid. As a result of the UV destroyer, it returns to its original shape. Simply pour it into the pool and turn on the ecosterilizer for 3 to 5 hours every day.


Q1: How much electricity does an inflatable spa consume?

This is a question that often comes up when you want to get the best inflatable spa. Energy expenses are indeed an important point to take into account so as not to have any unpleasant surprises with monthly bills. Theoretically, an inflatable Intex spa with a capacity of 6 seats consumes a maximum of 3.05 kW. If we break down this result, we can get a 2200 W heater, an 800 W air pump, a 50 W filtration, and a control panel that spends very little. Of course, in reality, the load is lower, especially if you come across the best brand of inflatable spas.

Q2: What to put under an inflatable spa?

Regardless of the location chosen to install a cheap intex inflatable spa, this product should not be placed directly in contact with the ground. Indeed, it is important to have a floor mat underneath. This element protects the inner surface from rapid deterioration.

So choose a classic model to counter any type of damage, caused by friction, critters and others. There is also the insulating specimen which aims to prevent heat loss during the winter. This prevents you from heating the water too long before using it.

Q3: Which circuit breaker for the inflatable spa?

Operating with electricity, some inflatable hot tubs are subject to the risks of undervoltage and overvoltage. In order to prevent damage to the equipment, it is always essential to check if yours has a system that can turn off the product. Some models already have a built-in differential circuit breaker (DDR). Others also require special installation. In the latter case, one can choose between DDR of 10 A, 16 A or 30 mA. To better determine what you will need, it is best to go on a comparison and define the characteristics of your spa.

Q4: How to clean an inflatable hot tub?

A clean spa is not only synonymous with well-being, but also with health. It is therefore important that it is always clean. Apart from emptying and using products, having a few accessories will also allow you to keep it immaculate. Then get a filter cartridge and a vacuum cleaner. Having a maintenance kit is obviously necessary. A brush will be useful to remove dirt on the walls and inside. A landing net will help you recover the debris and a pad will allow you to rub the traces and the water line. In addition, use a special blanket to prevent leaves and other twigs from falling into it if you install it outside.

Q5: Inflatable spa that no longer heats, what to do?

This is a case that happens frequently. Usually, the problem is with the connections or the control block. If this is not the case, you need to work directly on the heater. Start by turning it off and removing it from the spa. Use an ohmmeter (set to the lowest) to perform resistance tests. If it is null, replace the entire device. Otherwise, simply change the defective elements.

Q6: How to repair your inflatable spa in case of a leak?

You are never safe from this kind of inconvenience with an inflatable spa. To spot where the leak is coming from, simply fill a spray bottle with a solution composed of water and detergent. Apply it everywhere on the spa, inside and out. If necessary, help yourself with a medium brush. In the event of a leak, you will see air bubbles appear and when you look closer, you will see tiny holes.

So gather the glue, a pair of scissors, and an adhesive to put on them. Clean the vanishing point, cut out a square that can cover it, apply the glue to both surfaces, and apply the sticky tape. So you don’t wonder at the slightest leak where to buy a new inflatable spa. Which glue to repair an inflatable spa? Use a special glue that resists moisture and pressure and a flexible band that molds perfectly to the surface of the hot tub.

Q7: What products should I use for an Intex inflatable spa?

Are you wondering which product for inflatable spa? There are several alternatives for the maintenance of a classic 8-seater inflatable spa such asthat of the Intex brand, the most widespread. The most common is salt, easy to use. Simply pour it inside and activate the jets for it to dissolve and take effect. It is economical, sustainable even if somewhat restrictive according to the opinions concerning an inflatable spa.

Specialists recommend the use of bromine on an intex inflatable spa, because this substance remains gentle on the skin, and properly disinfects your pelvis. Unlike chlorine, it leaves no unwanted odor. Alternatively, you can also use natural methods such as active oxygen. It spares the epidermis, as well as the rest of the body, and textile fibers. After its passage there is no residue in the spa or scent.

Q8: How do I install an Intex inflatable hot tub?

A8: Start by taking out one by one from the packaging the accessories necessary for the assembly of this product. Once you have chosen where to put it, preferably on a concrete deck, connect the control panel to the engine block of the spa, then connect everything directly to the mains. Do not use an extension cord. Place the bubble floor mat underneath well spread. Install the liner well aligned on it. Connect the air intake hose to the liner and control panel and start inflating. Test the pressure by removing the hose and inserting a pressure gauge into it. Adjust the air volume accordingly. Proceed to inflating the cover. Finish by screwing the cartridge case. Fill the spa with water, put the necessary amount of salts, and dissolve them using the jets. Start the sterilizer and let the spa run 8 hours before diving in.

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